Why Conflict is Key

Which story do you like better? Chances are, you were probably more interested in the second video and were curious about what was going to happen with the peanut butter. Why? Because of conflict. Excluding conflict is such a problem in corporate storytelling and it totally destroys any chance of telling a story…at all. In […]

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Tripwire Media Launches ’12 Months Of Giving’

  NEWS RELEASE WINNIPEG, MANITOBA, December 13, 2021 – Video Production Agency, Tripwire Media Group, is looking to make a bigger impact on their community by launching a new year-long charitable initiative called ‘12 Months of Giving’ – an effort that involves supporting 12 different charities of their choice over the course of 12 months. […]

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You’re Invited to our Video Strategy Webinar – December 3rd

Are you thinking of making video content, but don’t know where to start? Have you already made content, but aren’t seeing the success you’d like it to have? And are you just ready to not even start a project, because you don’t know how to tell if it will be successful? We’re excited to show […]

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Why Good Videos Sometimes Finish Last

The Shawshank Redemption, perhaps one of the greatest dramas of all time, bombed at the box office. Initially, it gained positive reviews on its release, particularly for its story and performances, but didn’t earn back the production costs of $25 million during its initial 10-week theatrical run. Many reasons were cited for this box-office failure, primarily […]

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Our Services

Lighting setup on green screen set for video production in Winnipeg, Manitoba under the branded content and commercial category

Our ServicesScripted Video ProductionTell a compelling story from scratch with our full suite of creative services, from creative development and scripting to casting and production. Scripted Videos Include: Brand Stories Advertisements, Promotional Videos and TV Spots Corporate Stories Unscripted Video ProductionUncover a powerful true story that supports what you do through careful research and elegant […]

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Video Strategy: Why some ‘Views’ are better than others

I once ran a large video ad campaign for an agriculture company, where the goal was ‘completed views’ of the 15-second ad. A brisk glance at the results showed a resounding success! But once I looked deeper, I saw a very different story… The video had been served through a YouTube channel for toddlers. We […]

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What the Worst Commercial of all Time Can Teach Us

Kylie Jenner Live for Now Moments

Every marketer is capable of making this same cringe-inducing mistake. Picture this: A group of young protestors are moments away from a standoff with police. Their self-appointed leader is a world-famous fashion model so inspired by their “Join the Conversation” picket signs, she abandons a high-profile photo shoot so she too can take a stand… […]

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Types of Storyboards for Visual Storytelling – Does Your Video Need One?


A new video can be a big investment and a long-term asset for your business, so it only makes sense that you understand what the final product will look like before production begins. However, when it comes to actually planning out the visuals, things can get… messy. In our world, “storyboard” gets thrown around a […]

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Our Process

Animated man from a video describing our process has idea against yellow background

Our Video Production Process Discovery Planning Creative Development Pre-Production ProductionPost-ProductionProject Debrief Discovery Planning Creative Development Pre-Production ProductionPost-ProductionProject DebriefDISCOVERYYour story and how you want to tell it is central to us at Tripwire. Time differences or tight schedules? We align with your calendar across various time zones or amidst hectic days to learn about what you […]

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