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We create story-driven content.

We are a corporate video production company that helps organizations unlock the power of storytelling through film and animation. We combine strategy, creativity and industry expertise to help you build a stronger connection with your audience, reach your goals and push your business forward.

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We use Video & Animation to
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  • “We are constantly blown away.”

    Chris Schollenberg
    Executive Director, Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation
  • “They’re amazing to work with.”

    David Gater
    CEO, New Dog, New York
  • “Some of the most professional people I’ve worked with in the industry.”

    Alexandra Van Pelt
    Producer, Notch Video, Toronto
  • “The quality is second-to-none.”

    Cody Chomiak
    Economic Development Winnipeg
  • “Exceptionally talented, responsive and capable.”

    Jill Knaggs
    Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Manitoba
  • “We could not have done this without the creative talent of Tripwire.”

    Lindy Norris
    New Flyer


Optimize for organic Views, pay if you must

I once ran a large video ad campaign for an agriculture company, where the goal was ‘completed views’ of the 15-second ad. A brisk glance at the results showed a resounding success! But once I...

Doug’s Vlogs, March – May, 2019

In this series of video blogs (vlogs), Doug shares his thoughts from his home on a variety of topics during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. Some of the topics he covers include: Why conflict is key...

What the Worst Commercial of all Time Can Teach Us

Every marketer is capable of making this same cringe-inducing mistake. Picture this: A group of young protestors are moments away from a standoff with police. Their self-appointed leader is a world-famous fashion model so inspired...