Strategic Storyteller

We teach business leaders and their teams how to tell stories strategically.

Your success depends on how well you can communicate to a specific audience. But with the constant bombardment of information we’re exposed to every day, there’s never been more competition for attention.

So how can you captivate your audience of customers, employees or internal stakeholders? And how can you get them emotionally invested in what you’re trying to do? The answer isn’t a new trend or a list of tips and tricks. It’s a timeless discipline that can radically improve the way you communicate in any given situation.

Our courses are tailored for professionals who are new to storytelling and who want to learn practical skills quickly. And we can customize each talk to best serve the needs of your business.

Learn how to apply the same techniques used by writers, filmmakers and thought leaders to captivate an audience and create authentic connections.

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The Options

Intro to Storytelling

  • Free 30-minute consultation

  • 1.5hr intensive session

Half-Day: Training & Workshop

  • Free 30-minute consultation

  • 3hr in-depth workshop

2 Half-Days: Training & Workshop

  • Free 30-minute consultation

  • Day 1: Education

  • Day 2: Stories review (Great for smaller groups)