3 Ways Animated Videos Can Support Your 2020 Marketing Plan

Tripwire animation video still from the featured video on animation process

  Chances are you saw your first animation as a child, when it was typical for animators to labour over hand-drawn cells for many months or even years at a time. But we’re not waiting for VHS tapes to be released from the Disney vault anymore. Like film, the medium has changed drastically over the […]

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Tripwire Blog

tripwire media Blog BusinessStorytellingMaking a Brand Awareness Video Should Feel Risky  So you want to create an impact with a brand awareness video that tells your company’s story in a creative way, a video that goes right to the heart of your brand and doesn’t…AnimationStorytelling3 Ways Animated Videos Can Support Your 2020 Marketing Plan  Chances […]

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We Make Video Go FurtherWe create story-driven content.We are a corporate video production company that helps organizations unlock the power of storytelling through film and animation. We combine strategy, creativity and industry expertise to help you build a stronger connection with your audience, reach your goals and push your business forward. Watch our new 2020 […]

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