Why Do So Many Commercials Sound the Same?

Super fun, right? Ahh no, not really.

How many of these types of messages have you heard? How many do you remember? Or more importantly, how many have you forgotten?

This is a common scenario for many businesses who claim they want to make a splash or disrupt the market. But lack focus or insight into what interests their audiences.

When you’re creating a brand awareness video, it’s all about standing out, which by definition, feels uncomfortable. You’re standing out for something and in the process, you’re exposing yourself to criticism, which is good! It requires bravery and new ways of thinking.

Think of your favourite commercial. Is it the Old Spice commercial or the one with Terry the linebacker, or does it have Betty White getting knocked down?


Maybe it’s emotional and cute like the Darth Vader Volkswagen spot or our favourite, Eric and Peety.

A big problem we face, is that we often assume we need to answer every possible question about our company in a brand video and that is how they become overloaded with information. And they fall into a world of mediocrity and forgetfulness…and that is just such a waste!

Instead, you should put yourself in your audiences’ shoes and consider how you could use story, creativity, and novelty to get them engaged.

Should your video make them laugh or cry? Should it make them see the world in a new way? Or should it just be so weird that they have to stop in their tracks and ask “what did I just watch”?

Brand awareness videos with strong stories or bold creative concepts give the viewer a reason to take notice, and you should give them a reason to take notice if you want brand awareness. This is the problem with playing it safe. It often isn’t safe at all. You invest your money in a video that just doesn’t get noticed.

To be clear, we’re not advocating to never mention facts or features about your business—they are important. And there will always be a place for product and instructional videos further down your client’s journey.

Remember, you aren’t making a brand awareness video for yourself. It’s for your audience. So make something that will grab their attention and that something needs to be unique and in some form, risky. So we really encourage you to get out of your comfort zone because the only way to really get any reward is by taking a little risk.

–Tripwire Team