How to Properly Create a Ridiculous Holiday Video

Matthew Dyck on set

We went all out this year for a holiday-themed horror trailer!

Every year, our team gets together to work on the holiday video. It’s our special way of saying “Happy Holidays” but it’s also an excuse to get the whole team together, flex our creative muscles and show what we can do. Did we go too far this year? You tell us.


2019 Tripwire Holiday Video from Tripwire Media Group Inc. on Vimeo.

Acting aside, we think it’s pretty good! So, you might be wondering…

What the hell were we thinking?

This year, we wanted to try something completely new, something that would really stand out from our previous holiday videos. Once we landed on Yule Log Horror Trailer, we were off!

The Challenge

Our team grew a lot in 2019, but we still wanted every team member involved. We also have *ahem* client projects and deadlines to stick to, so filming in and around the office was a must. You’d think we would throw our usual process out the window, right? Wrong!

The Process

Once the script was ready, we scheduled team members for different scenes and planned for props, make up, animation, special effects and editing, following our process the whole way. We even took the extra step of filming an Ana-Matic (AKA “Crapmatic”), which is basically a low-fi version of the video that helps us plan our angles, pacing and transitions. Check out the difference between the two in the video below:



The Roll Out

Now that Jason Krahn (aka Victim #17) has joined the team as our Digital Strategy Manager, he helped plan a roll out to get it in front of more people. We created an animated movie poster and a teaser to build anticipation for the full trailer. We even created this nifty blog. Thanks, Jason! Oh, you’re welcome! (Matt wrote this).

We hope you had as much fun watching our 2019 Holiday Video as we had making it.

Merry Everything!

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