Our Back-to-Work Plan


To Our Awesome Clients And Friends,

I don’t know about you, but it’s a really mixed feeling on hearing that Manitoba is starting to prepare to get back to our non-lockdown lives.

On one hand, I’m excited to get back to doing the things we love and commencing the business of storytelling and making an impact; on the other hand, I’m concerned about ensuring the safety of our clients and our team on set, and want to make sure that we are being responsible.

So, the question then is: are we safe to start shooting again, as the province and country start to open up?

For the last few months we’ve been planning for this eventuality. Our team has worked hard to put together an extensive protocol on how to safely shoot for small to larger jobs, and how both our team and our clients need to conduct themselves safely on set. We have also worked to secure proper PPE equipment, so that we are coming both prepared and excited to work.

I’ve also been fortunate to be on the Producer’s Committee and Board for On Screen Manitoba (along with major film companies, documentarians, and commercial film companies) to work hard in making sure that all angles are considered in coming back to work both safely and productively. We all know if we rush this process, we make things worse, and I have seen this group come up with some amazingly thorough protocol (some being still finalized) that is being received well by the province and federal government (it also aligns with a lot of protocols coming out of other countries and markets).

So, are we ready to shoot again? Yes. Yes, we are. Whether it’s a small 3-crew shoot, to a larger commercial crew, we have put the right plans in place to ensure everyone is comfortable and safe (both physically and mentally).

Does that mean we pick up our lights and cameras and start shooting tomorrow? Probably not, but now is the time to start the conversation and work towards a plan. As our summer/fall is already a short season for us, we anticipate a lot of requests to start coming in in the next few weeks, and there will often be a lot of planning or creative development to do, prior to when we call “action.”

So, let’s chat! Please feel free to contact us and let us know what you need to know to feel confident that we are ready to work together again.

Cautiously Excited,