Frequently Asked Questions▸How much does a video cost?The age-old question! Making a video is like building a house. The cost depends on what you need and how you can make a smart investment of your money. Around C$10,000 is a good starting point for us, but we’ve made hundreds of videos in just about every budget range. The best thing to do is hop on a discovery call , […]

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Our Services

Lighting setup on green screen set for video production in Winnipeg, Manitoba under the branded content and commercial category

Our ServicesScripted Video ProductionTell a compelling story from scratch with our full suite of creative services, from creative development and scripting to casting and production. Scripted Videos Include: Brand Stories Advertisements, Promotional Videos and TV Spots Corporate Stories Unscripted Video ProductionUncover a powerful true story that supports what you do through careful research and elegant […]

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Our Work

Video Production and Animation Work Our video and animation experience includes everything from commercials, brand stories and product videos to documentary-style videos, testimonials and animated explainers, all developed with our a proven process and great storytelling in mind. Search Search content Clear Work Filter Select contentFilter CategoriesAnimation Videos (12)Scripted Videos (12)Unscripted Videos (7) Bayotech – Hydrogen Hub ExplainerCentreVenture […]

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1 person interview between business owner and creative writer for video marketing agency

Video Production and AnimationFind the story in everything.Our mission is to innovate in every video production. We’re a team of fun-loving professionals who are often asking “what if?” when using our filmmaking and animation tools. Our goal is to make every story unforgettable and leave audiences feeling impacted. Learn more about our process. Watch our […]

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