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Anyone can shoot a video. But to craft something that truly makes an impact, it takes much more than cameras and lighting.

People are seeking video content more than ever, and there’s an endless supply of new content created every day. If you want your video to break through the clutter, you need to capture your viewers’ attention and connect them to your brand in a meaningful way, so they feel inspired to make the next move.


We use the Science of Story

There’s a reason why stories have captured our attention for thousands of years. And the answer is in our brain chemistry. When a character runs into conflict, our bodies produce cortisol, which focuses our attention. If we empathize with them, we produce oxytocin, which helps us care and connect with others.

This isn’t only relevant to scientists or people in the entertainment industry. In the age of endless video, the brands that stand out are the ones creating engaging content people want to watch. If you want deeper connections with your audience, give them something they’ll love.

Tell a great story.


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