Every year, we get the privilege to tell the story of a courageous kid and their family, the challenges they’ve gone through, and how the Children’s Rehabilitation Centre has helped them.

On the surface Willow seems like a normal, happy little girl. But when you hear from her parents the struggles they’ve gone through to get to this point, it makes you realize how important it is to have organizations like the CRF.

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Every year CRF has a fundraising gala, that relies heavily on the kindness of the attendees as the auction follows right after. This means money for bikes for kids and super important, medical equipment, and so many necessary things.

Our job was to make sure that this video lands emotionally with story and connection. If it doesn’t work, then it potentially can mean a loss in thousands of dollars. We wanted everyone in that room to see their own child or niece or nephew in Willow. Also we wanted everyone to connect with the passion and care of the parents.

The video did everything and more. We wonderful feedback from the attendees and the client. Record donations were made that night and the video serves as a key tool in justifying why it’s important to give to CRF. This one is truly one of our favourites.

we delivered