The word ‘story’ gets used a lot these days, and that’s great! But there are good and bad storytellers. Our storytelling process allows us to make sure that we’re not just finding the right story, but also telling it properly. Our brains are hard-wired for story, and because of that we truly believe it is the BEST way to connect with your viewers and persuade action. Whether it’s donations, buying a product, or spreading a message, story is the most effective tool.

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First and foremost, we want to meet you and get to know everything about your video and the story you want to tell. We want to know what the goals (what you want people to do) of the video are and the takeaways (what you want them to know). We’ll find out who’s watching and what’s important to them, as well as where it’s going to be seen.

Finding Your Characters

You may know who your characters are or, you may just know the goal of the video and need to find the characters. We work with you to find the right characters for your video through pre-interviews and careful plot planning.

Pre Production

Even though these videos aren’t scripted, we should have a very clear vision of what we want to do, before we pick up a camera or animate a frame. From location scouting, to creative briefs, to call sheets, to animatics (animated storyboards), we make sure that we’re ready when the shoot day comes along.


Now it’s time for the vision to come to life. We work with all different sizes of crews and equipment to make sure this is executed properly. When interviewing, through our techniques, we make sure that our characters are comfortable, getting the most authentic stories from them, rather than scripted or stiff ‘performances.’


By this point we probably have hours that we are often cutting together into a 2-4 minute piece (times vary due to content and where it’s being shown). We transcribe all of the interviews and start putting our story together. We start adding our other elements like graphics, colour correction, music and sound effects to really make the video come alive.

The Delivery

It’s done! We will be able to deliver the final video to you in many formats both optimized for web and any other format. Finally, we’d like to hear from you. Your feedback is very important and helps us work more efficiently with you on future projects.


So now that it’s done, how are you going to show the world? Can’t just put it up there and hope for the best. If you don’t have a strategy we can meet with you and our partners to make sure this video turns into an investment that gives you ROI, rather than an expense that goes onto the internet to get lost.

The Power of Video