Scripted Video

There are good and bad storytellers. Our storytelling process allows us to make sure that we’re not just finding the right story, but also telling it properly. Our brains are hard-wired for story, and because of that we truly believe it is the BEST way to connect with your viewers and persuade action. Whether it’s donations, buying a product, or spreading a message, story is the most effective tool.

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To kick-off our working relationship, we will meet to discuss organizational objectives, time lines, revised budget and creative direction. Involved, will be a creative meeting where we can discuss the goals, the takeaways, targets and the rest of what will make this video great.

Scripting and Storyboarding

The scripting and storyboard process is really important for laying out the vision and making sure we’re all on the same page. This is where we are only limited by our collective creativity (and budget) in coming up with what we want to see. It’s really important that we stay on target throughout, which is why we have lots of steps of approval.

Moodboards, Modelling and Animatics

If we’re doing any animation we will send out inspirations, moodboards, and from there send you modelling and style-frame samples. We also often do an Animatic so we can see how the pacing, movement, music and audio is going to look and feel.


It’s magic time! This is where all the planning and hard work comes to fruition. We work all different sizes of productions, all different types of gear, both with in-house and specialty crews. It all comes down to what we need to makes your vision come to life.

Animation and Editing

Now it’s time to put all of the ingredients together. We will put together a rough-cut (about 75% done) for you to get a look at internally, and then make revisions to get a near-final version for all decision-makers to see. A few steps of approval tend to happen, but by this point (thanks to our other steps), they should be minimal.

The Delivery

It’s done! We will be able to deliver the final video to you in many formats both optimized for web and any other format. Finally, we’d like to hear from you. Your feedback is very important and helps us work more efficiently with you on future projects.


So now that it’s done, how are you going to show the world? Can’t just put it up there and hope for the best. If you don’t have a strategy we can meet with you and our partners to make sure this video turns into an investment that gives you ROI, rather than an expense that goes onto the internet to get lost.

Are You Ready?