A Late Introduction

I’ve already wrote a blog entry, but I feel I should start over.

For a long time, I’ve thought about whether or not I should write a Blog. I think a lot of people go through these thoughts of whether they have anything worth writing about, or whether or not people want to hear about what they have to say. There’s the ego part, too. Will people think I just like to hear my own, er…typing, or could I come off as an imposter to the professionals that I look up to?

I don’t want to clutter an already bloated internet, in a world where we could, quite frankly, use less of people’s opinions, rather than more. Having said that, why keep my thoughts to myself? If this is of value to even one person, then isn’t it worth it?

Having a 2-year-old girl, I am always encouraging her to share, so it’s time to take my own advice. These upcoming blogs will be nothing more than my opinions and insights in what I’ve learned in the video industry, so far. But it’s not applicable to me only, as it’s also advice and discoveries that should be relevant to my clients, my colleagues and my friends.

For those who read, and continue to read, thank you. I hope you enjoy and that I can provide insight, helpfulness, and if not that, maybe a little entertainment.

Moving on…

Doug Darling